SOLLYD Chemistry Limited, We Self Research and Develop All-sided Screen Printing Materials Including Silicone, Plastisol and Water Based Ink.
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About Us

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Rui Ke company is the pioneer that promote the globalization development of full-scale printing materials, it is now maturing to the stage of combining with development, producing, marketing and technical services as a modern enterprise with core of technology and market-oriented.

After years of cooperation with colleges and introduction of talents, not only the variety is more complete and the quality is more guaranteed, the goods cover the entire screen printing industry and electronic industry and other field.

Rui Ke as the leader provide the superior silicone for machine printing.All pass the test from Brands and OEKO-Tex, become the appointed supplier for many international brands, worldwide fame.

Company Culture

Company Philosophy

Quality, Innovation

Company Vision

Become the supplier of the safest, most Eco-friendly materials.

Company Values

Good faith, excellent quality.

Company Goal

  • Focus on safe healthy products.
  • Pursuit one nice dream.
  • Efforts for one purpose.

Main Products

  • Machine printing silicone, smart conductive silicone
  • PVC free plastisol ink, conductive ink
  • Machine printing waterbased ink, waterbased ink
  • Shoes PU & silicone, leather ink, silicone ink
  • Silicone pigment, water based pigment, general pigment
  • LED packaging silicone, smokeless peelable ink, electronic potting glue
  • Silica resin, ECO-friendly plasticizer, matte agent, etc.

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