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Gold/Silver Water Based Ink

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Gold/Silver Water Based Ink

water based silver ink

water based silver ink

Code\SKU: WSL-3113(Gold)/WSL-3112(Silver)

Color: Gold/Silver

Solid Content: 45-50%

State: Paste condition

Odour: Odorless

Application: Suitable for cotton, polyester and various kind of materials for T-shirt, cap, clothes and so on.

Feature: Glitter gold/silver effect, can print directly for imitating foil stamping effect, the washing fastness is better than foil stamping water based ink, simple printing process. Can print directly or base coating first then print gold/silver paste.


  1. Normally, use 100-120 mesh(40-47T), different artwork choose different mesh.
  2. Print elasticity fabric, can use clear paste for base coating first, then print white paste or mix with pigment to print, avoid the cracking.
  3. Can dilute the paste with water.
  4. Ensure that the printing products dried completely before washing, otherwise the test result will be affected.
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