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How to Cover Fiber with Printing Silicone?

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Issue Introduction

More and more high-end brand apply cotton cloth because of its comfortable level and breathability.

However, some cotton fabrics have much surface fiber and it makes printing silicone finish not flat and air bubble not fly away.

So, we need to have some special measures when screen printing.

2 Solutions to Cover Fiber Fabrics for Reference

  1. Print SOLLYD RG-7058 Covering Fiber Printing Silicone, completely mix with catalyst RG-B80 and diluent RG-1040/1080, then print  for 2 times.
  2. Print SOLLYD high density printing silicone RG-2660M-3/RG-3760M-3, after 2 times printing, use press machine to cover fiber with 170℃, 10 seconds.



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