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How to get high density with printing silicone easily?

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How to get high density with printing silicone easily ?



Screen printing is more and more popular and widely applied in textile industry because of its easy application and long-last effects, especially on t-shirts. A lot of famous brands try to screen print their logos on the garments, shoes ,or other textile products. Thus a kind of new printing——high density printing come out.
High density print means ink is printed with thickness which embossed the fabrics and form a 3D effects. For this kinds of printing, people use most the following three kinds of inks:

1. plastisol ink

Plastisol ink as a most traditional printing ink is widely applied for automatic screen printing machine printing. Based on wet-on-wet printing and 99% content of solid, plastisol ink get thickness easily too. But as people’s standard of eco-friendly improved, plastisol ink is given up slowly. SOLLYD HF-1700/SDLA-1700 phathalate free and PVC-free still won a great market though.

2.Waterbase rubber ink

Waterbase ink replace plastisol ink because of its low cost and also great eco-friendly. However, itis hard to applied for high density printing becuase of its only 30-50% solid content. Rubber ink print 6times on same mesh get the same thickness as plastisol ink print only 2-3 times.
For SOLLYD brand, WSL-8110 rubber ink applied widely.

3. Printing silicone ink

Dow corning pick out a new way for screen printing by using liquid siliocne rubber. silicone ink is most eco-friendly as its always used for baby’s products , now its applied to textile printing. it’s also 100% solid content and very soft and feel. SOLLYD as a manufacturer of silicone textile printing ink for a long term, we have different types of silicone. for high density RG-2660M-3/RG-3760M-3 can compete with LSR9600. whats more, we also innovate special matte silicone LS-273.
Anyway, if you wanna get good high density print, using thick mesh, then use proper inks according to your equiment and clients request.

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