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How to Improve Printing Silicone Fastness on Fabrics?

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Issues Introduction

Clothing industry develops rapidly in recent years and a variety of textile fabrics follow fast.

It requires printing silicone to have corresponding fastness with fabrics.

Five Reasons for Lacking Viscosity

  1. Fabrics were waterproof treatment and common textile printing silicone can  not penetrate into it.
  2. Quite smooth  fabrics such as polyester need screen printing inks’ stronger adsorption force.
  3. Fabrics like spandex, PU or PVC leather would have chemical reaction with catalyst or hardener aka “poison”.
  4. Something wrong with operation process or formula.
  5. Fabrics have great elasticity.

How to Improve Printing Silicone’s Fastness?

  1. Apply and deploy appropriate undercoat printing silicone.
  2. Choose the most advisable printing solution according to printing silicone manufacturer.
  3. Remind that fabrics for mass production should be the same as sample fabrics.

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