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How to solve printing silicone sticky issue?

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Issue Introduction

Silicone rubber has certain stickiness itself and we can increase it to produce sticky printing silicone which widely used in goal keeper gloves or rugby gloves.

However in practical operation process, high stickiness would result in attracting dust, ash in the air or fiber on fabrics so that lower printing silicone performance.

5 Reasons for High Stickiness Issue

  1. Little additive amount of silicone hardener RG-B80, and printing silicone does not completely solidify.
  2. Fabric poison issue causes printing ink not dry.
  3. Something wrong with bake temperature or time, and silicone not naturally complete dry.
  4. Apply silicone pigment which not pass environmental test.
  5. Still print after silicone solidification.

4 Advices for Printing Silicone Sticky Issue

  1. Consult printing silicone manufacturer to get most appropriate screen printing additives ratio;
  2. Add anti poison additives 6690B or RG-1520B and we could make a middle layer between fabric and silicone ink.
  3. Adjust bake time and temperature according to local weather and humidity.
  4. We recommend you use matched SI series silicone pigment which passed environmental test.

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