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Printing Silicone Structure FAQ and Differences between Machine and Manual Printing

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Printing Silicone Structure & Features

  • Condensed type one component printing silicone
  • Addition type one component liquid printing silicone
  • Two component silicone type: 10:1
  • Two component silicone type: 100:2
  • Two component silicone type: 1:1

1.One Component Printing Silicone

  • Usually applicable for dipping ink
  • Solidify at normal temperature
  • Not good for color modulation

2.A:B=1:1 Two Component Printing Silicone

  • Not suitable for color modulation
  • Only SOLLYD RG-1550 and Dow Corning Xiameter series apply for specific screen printing craft as transparent silicone.

3.A:B=10:1 and 100:2 Two Component Printing Silicone

  • Widely used in screen printing industry.

FAQ of Screen Printing Silicone

1.How to choose environmental printing silicone?

  • We recommend you apply addition type printing two component silicone with platinum hardener.

2.What is a great brand of printing silicone?

  • Convenient to deploy color, and good storability after mixing with silicone pigment.
  • Applicable for 120-140T halftone and not mesh clogging for continuous operation.
  • Long shelf life for 12-18 months.
  • No layer separation after 80℃ one hour washing test.
  • Can deal with fabric poison issue especially for fabrics containing N、P、S chemical element.
  • Supply various screen printing solution and craft such as softness, elasticity, fastness, matte/glossy effect, high density, etc.

Differences between Machine Printing and Manual Printing Silicone

  • Manual printing doesn’t require too much for printing silicone, and can achieve all sorts of printing craft because printing workers would adjust their techniques, strength or other operation details.
  • Machine printing has tough demand for printing silicone.
  • Long operation time at high temperature;
  • No separation after oven dry;
  • No mesh block when continual printing;
  • SOLLYD RG-2660M-3 is the most suitable for machine printing.
  • RG-2660M-3 machine printing silicone has applied catalyst inclusion technology which is perfectly matched machine printing demand.
  • Comparison between 1185 and RG-2660M-3
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