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SOLLYD Machine Printing Glossy Silicone Fast Levelling

Background Intro

Last week, SOLLYD sales manager Mr. Xiao went to Guangzhou Beautiful Luck Screen Printing Company to test RG-5 series machine printing silicone, of which detailed process would be promoted in the form of video, to be expected.

The process went smoothly and screen printing headman recommended that the top printing silicone should be faster to level and deform bubble.


Issue Solution

Rui Ke Company have always oriented by market requirements and technology development.

Research & development department seize time to update products formula and manufacture process at the basement of original top printing silicone.

Sample room master simulates machine printing environment and process such as temperature, pressure, etc and take this left video for reference.

At last, the new developed top printing silicone for machine can be levelled in 6.06 seconds!

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